Peacock Skirt 100% Cotton Gauze

$39.98 $79.95

Peacock skirt features our Beautiful Alebrijes Collection features handpainted appliques, and unique one of a kind artistic embellishments. 

Due to the handpainted nature, each item is unique and one of a kind. Different colors maintain the same "look" but are paired with insets and paintings that best enhance the beauty of the garment it is applied on.  Due to the garment dyeing process, excess dye will wash into the appliques during wash, however they will remain gorgeous, tinted with the color of the base garment. 

Sizes: 0(XS/S), 1 (S/M), 2 (L/XL), 3 (2X/3X), 4 (4X/5X)

Size 0 1 2 3 4
Waist Relaxed 24' 15'' 26'' 29' 30'
Hip 63'' 64'' 65'' 67'' 69''

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