Bright Color Blocks Kaftan


The perfect caftan for the art lover - this hand-painted maxi dress is a true piece of wearable art. Vibrant colors such as lime, yellow, blue, and red make up the beautiful abstract design. Made of 100% rayon, our colorful dresses are all hand-painted one at a time which means they may slightly vary from piece to piece.  This long dress is the perfect mix of casual and chic. We love that you can wear it with white pants for a true summer look, but it will look great with jeans, or black plants! You may notice paint spots and shade variations in the fabric. These paint spots and shade variations are the result of the hand painting process and add to the uniqueness and beauty of each piece. These characteristics should not be considered defective. AN21K10 This dress is one size fits most. Suggested fit Small - 3XL. Model is 5' 5" tall Measurements: 48″ L 39″ W Sleeve 10″ L Neckline 11″

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