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  • Red, White and Beautiful

    Nicole Eveleth

    Posted on June 06 2018

    Red, White and Beautiful
    Let the planning preparations begin for the 4th of July. Whether you are attending an e...
  • Hand Painted Clothing

    Nicole Eveleth

    Posted on May 02 2018

    Hand Painted Clothing
    The Beauty of Hand Painted Clothing Have you ever felt like everyone around you is wear...
  • Protecting Yourself From the Sun

    Nicole Eveleth

    Posted on April 11 2018

    Protecting Yourself From the Sun
    Living in Florida, we all find sunshine therapeutic as a mood booster. However, sunshin...
  • Things to Pack for a Cruise Vacation

    Nicole Eveleth

    Posted on March 15 2018

    Things to Pack for a Cruise Vacation
    Going on a cruise is all about relaxing, having fun and feeling good. It’s about leavin...
  • Warm Weather Style

    Nicole Eveleth

    Posted on February 13 2018

    Warm Weather Style
    With warm weather comes unforgettable experiences. Whether you find yourself enjoying w...