Care Instructions for Cotton Gauze Clothing

Gabriela Reinshagen

Posted on November 16 2019

Step 1

First time you wash cotton gauze clothing make sure you add two tablespoons of white vinegar in the cycle to set the color and machine wash each item separately. Hand wash or machine wash cotton gauze clothing with other (same-colored) similar fabrics in cold or lukewarm water. If you machine wash the clothing, use a gentle cycle to prevent wear on the fabric. For either hand washing or machine washing, we recommend using a gentle detergent, such as detergent for baby clothes or delicate items.


Step 2

Tumble dry gauze clothing on low heat, or lay flat to dry on a towel or hang to dry. Cottonways cotton gauze are 100% pre-shrunk.


Step 3

Don’t Iron the cotton gauze. If you just hang it for a little bit, it will naturally fall into place, but if you prefer you can also gently steam it. Another tip that works is hanging your cotton gauze in your bathroom while taking a hot shower, and the steam will make it look ironed.


Step 4

Hang gauze clothing in a closet or fold neatly, away from sharp objects (including zippers) that could snag the clothing.


Easy, low maintenance, super comfortable, cool and beautiful!