Discover The Cotton Gauze Lifestyle

Gabriela Reinshagen

Posted on November 09 2019

I want to share with you my own experience. When I first started working at Cottonways I was not familiar with the cotton gauze fabric. I remember looking it up on Google before my first day of work and discovered that it was basically cotton made with separations in its threads so that air passes through making it cool and light. 
On my first day at work I looked around the store and I liked what I saw, but I had no idea what I was getting into until I got my first outfit, which was a Frankie Pants and Dorie Top. I had honestly never tried anything so comfortable in my entire life. I discovered a whole new lifestyle. I gave up uncomfortable clothing, shoes, accessories and even gave up uncomfortable things in many aspects of life. I realize I do not have to feel squeezed, hurt or like I can’t move to be able to look great.
With my Cottonways I can look gorgeous and feel great! Little by little my wardrobe is changing and I never felt better with it. Once you start wearing Cottonways you want nothing else. You want to feel beautiful, free and confident. Discover for yourself the life changing lifestyle of Cottonways!