What's in a Name?

Jennifer McNeill

Posted on April 09 2019

 Have you noticed how your favorite top or pant from Cottonways has a name? Not a style number but a real name? That's because each item takes on a bit of a character through the whole design to creation process. 

 Take the Dorie for example. It is an amazing fit, flattering, comfortable and beyond dependable to make you feel great. I realized this in the fitting process and love it so much I had to name it after my Mother. 

 The Frankie Pants are another favorite. They are a little hip, and fun and go perfectly with every style in our collection. The name Frankie 100% suited this perfect style. 

 Charlee is a nickname for the Classical Charlotte...which is why I chose this name for our fun new tunic tank with a Classical Ruffle set to a modern asymmetrical angle. 

  Let me know what styles you think fit their name! I would love to hear all about the correlations you make to see if they are the same ones I made in the design process!