Keep what sparks joy!

Gabriela Reinshagen

Posted on March 07 2020

A few years ago after reading a book that talks about organization based on keeping only the things that you love, I changed my life around. After that I could know what I had in my closet, getting ready to leave just became that much faster and I felt like finally in control of my life again. And as you all already know from a previous post of mine, Cottonways has helped go even deeper into that philosophy.

So, my sister-in-law knows I have a bit of a passion for organization and yesterday she asked for my help with this big life-changing project. I told her to throw everything she doesn’t absolutely love away, and get new things she absolutely adores. Make room for things that makes you happy. Throw all those things that make you feel uncomfortable or self conscious away, open the way for what sparks joy. This was not a minimalist project. We love our clothes and if it makes us happy to have them, we should keep them and buy more! But we should only keep and buy what we LOVE to wear. You would be surprised how many things we end up keeping that we don’t even like that much. Also, it’s hard to let go of some of the things that we have been keeping for so long but no longer have space in our lives, but we just have got to let it go.

Therefore, inspired by last night’s experience with my sister-in-law I just want to encourage you to let go of some of these clothing and things that have served their purpose in your life and donate it. What’s old for you is new for somebody else! It feels great! Spring is almost here and it’s time for some serious cleaning in our lives. Out with the old, in with the new. And just remember, Cottonways will always be here to spark joy in your wardrobe with comfort and style.