Elastic Waistbands and Its Benefits

Gabriela Reinshagen

Posted on May 16 2020

Using waistbands with elastic bands rather than buttons or zippers are more comfortable and have benefits such as improved blood circulation and breathing. These perks can lead to many positive impacts on your physical and mental health.

Wearing tight and uncomfortable clothing regularly can lead to serious health problems. It can restrict blood flow, breathing or put unnecessary pressure on the stomach which can trigger acid reflux, causing heartburn. Good circulation is important for oxygen delivery which will lead to a clear mind and more energy.

We know using constricting clothing all day can be painful and distracting. So, elastic bands in our stylishly designed Cottonways pants or skirts allows you to move freely so that you can feel and breath well, while still looking amazing.

Psychology specialists are telling us that dressing up, even to stay at home, can boost our mood and confidence. Whether you are working or lounging from home during this quarantine or going on a night out when things are better, take comfort and style with you. Head over to one of our store locations or shop online to get a good variety of these pants and skirts so you will always have something appropriate to throw on whenever you need them.