Happy Thanksgiving!

Gabriela Reinshagen

Posted on November 23 2019

Thanksgiving is coming up and if you are like me, you are thinking about food. The dinner table is where majority of special events bonding and memories are formed during the holidays. To help you out with this special moment, Cottonways selected an easy and delicious Pecan Pie recipe for you to surprise your friends and family this thanksgiving.

Pecan Pie Recipe: https://cookiesandcups.com/easy-pecan-pie-recipe/

Cottonways as a 100% American founded company is looking forward for this american tradition to spend time with family, friends and to be thankful for all the great things in our life. To show you how thankful we are to have you as part of this family, we will be sending all of our subscribed customers a thanksgiving coupon!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our amazing Cottonways customers!