Hand Painted Haute

Nicole Eveleth

Posted on August 15 2018

Fall fashion season is traditionally reserved for the proverbial spreading of wings, and finding freedom within your wardrobe. Individuality is a key ingredient for any fall fashionista, and Cottonways has revamped their selection with several new pieces to help your trend-setting style express itself with enthusiasm.

            Cottonways’ 100% cotton gauze tops offer a variety of styles in bold pastel colors, creating the perfect canvas for a bit of artistic inspiration. These unique designs are painted by a local artist and are available now for custom orders. Start by selecting your top. The Sadie or Meagan are excellent short-sleeve options, while the Dorie offers longer sleeves with more durability as the climate begins to cool.

            With your style in mind, it’s time to select the perfect design to highlight your mood. These hand painted designs offer a myriad of experiences, connected by the structural tissues of bold, sweeping colors and rich tones. Delight in the wonders of the ocean with the Neon Hatchlings design, or the bold dark Neon Shells. Pink Sunset and Mixed Drinks employ sweeping swaths of blue and turquoise for a soothing anchor, blushing with understated bursts of pinks and light reds to sustain the summer spirit into fall.