Versatile Cotton Pants You Never Knew You Needed

Nicole Eveleth

Posted on March 06 2018

Synthetic fibers can cling, pill, wrinkle and absorb undesirable odors. This is the last thing you want to deal with while on vacation, traveling the world or in your day-to-day chic style. Fashion should not cause trouble which is why Cottonways founder and Florida native, Jennifer Davis McNeill, decided to create the perfect beach style with 100% preshrunk cotton gauze fabric. 

Cottonways cotton gauze pants are a staple in your stylish beach fashion. Not only are they comfortable and chic, they are perfect for any kind of warm-weather locale. Discover some of the many benefits of this versatile fabric.

Benefits of Cotton Gauze Pants Over Other Fabric Types

  • Breathability: Cotton pants offer breathability which helps control moisture, they don’t retain odor like synthetics and they act as lightly insulated garments. 
  • Durability: You don’t have to wash cotton pants as often, but know that when you do, they’ll retain their quality even with repeated wash and wear. In other words: Cotton pants are strong.
  • Natural: Versatile in style, soft and hypoallergenic are the markers of well-made cotton pants.
  • Low Maintenance: Cotton pants are easy to wash and dry, are wrinkle free and perfect for packing or travel.

Cotton Pants for Every Occasion

The beautiful quality of cotton is that it is such a versatile fabric which can be adapted and crafted into all your favorite cotton pant styles, such as haram pants, leggings and Bermuda shorts. The pièce de résistance? Cotton pants are a classic for nearly every occasion. Check out our website to find your favorite designs and styling ideas for cotton pants

The signature design of Cottonways’ cotton pants and clothing line are excellent for every body type (from small build to strong build) because the fabric can be styled without clinging or sagging from repeated use. Cotton pants can pair with tops, tunics, blouses, ponchos, tanks or jackets and are the smart addition to any beach savvy wardrobe artist.