Warm Weather Style

Nicole Eveleth

Posted on February 13 2018

With warm weather comes unforgettable experiences. Whether you find yourself enjoying weekends at the beach house, sightseeing in new countries, or socializing by the pool, warmer days are the time to savor each life experience to the fullest. The last thing you want is for your clothing to get in the way of those adventures. Although warmer days may feel carefree, warm weather style can feel anything but. Unpredictable fabrics can ruin a trip if you’ve packed lightly. Suppose the maxi skirt you had planned to wear to dinner shrinks in the wash, or you suddenly realize your beachy sundress doesn’t fit the way it had in the store. You could be left frazzled and self-conscious. 

Warm weather style means staying away from clingy, uncomfortable fabrics, and enjoying your days in reliable yet beautiful garments. At Cottonways, we only trust our 100% cotton gauze fabric when designing our fashion pieces. This ensures each of our lovely garments is washer and dryer safe.

Comfort Means Confidence

Have you ever picked out an amazing outfit, only to find yourself fixing it all night? You spend so much time tugging at those loose straps, glancing in every mirror to make sure it’s sitting right…it can make you feel uncomfortable and insecure. 

True confidence isn’t just about what you are wearing. It’s about how you feel in it. That’s why at Cottonways we focus on combining stylish beach fashion with comfortable, functional fabrics. We believe warm weather style is all about being able to move, breathe, and confidently be your radiant self. 

Fashion You Can Live In

Each of Cottonways’ gorgeous clothing is made with airy, breathable cotton gauze fabric. This luxurious material transforms your wardrobe into a soft and comfortable array of stylish outfits, from classy harem pants to colorful, bohemian tops and everything in between. 

Experience Cottonways

Achieve flawless warm weather style without the hassle. Get to know the sophisticated and fun Cottonways wardrobe by visiting our online store, or follow along with fellow Cottonways style mavens on our Facebook page.